Design beyond borders for all senses and seasons.


Maria Tibblin & Co is an international interior design studio that creates outstanding spaces around the globe.

These might encompass hospitality, residential or work places, all crafted with utmost quality and exquisite warmth.

Maria’s Scandinavian heritage and multicultural background is reflected in her personal approach to design. It gives her work depth, adding unique layers to her pieces which lends them gravitas and elegance.

Guided by a definitive creative sense and a spirit of true grace and harmony, Maria designs sustainable environments with a keen focus on all five senses, to provide spaces which radiate wellbeing and beauty.

Design matters

Maria has a strong background not only in design, but also medicine. She combines this knowledge with her passion to make a positive impact, improving the lives of those who inhabit her spaces.

Maria designs environments holistically, incorporating design elements which appeal to all our senses for maximum wellbeing. She’s a true curator of spaces with a marked emphasis on creating a balanced and serene atmosphere.


Breaking barriers through design
Our approach to work is always:

Personal • Holistic • Ethical • Sustainable

We believe that good interior design needs no translation, transcending all language, borders and cultures.

That means that wherever in the world your properties may be, you can rely on us to create harmonious living spaces, while being mindful of the opportunities your specific location and architectural context provides.


European artisans with the perfect blend of imagination and craftsmanship Maria and her team have an extensive global network of renowned practitioners across the entire design spectrum This delivers added value, while embracing stringent quality performance coupled with influencing how a building feels through a commitment to aesthetic and timeless design.


Tradition meets modernity
Our work builds bridges between the past and the present. We collaborate with international galleries and antique dealers who advise on sourcing only the most suitable and beautiful objects for any project.


Maria Tibbiln & Co offers a full bespoke design service, including:

Interior Design • Concept Design • Project Management • Full Refurbishment Kitchen Design • Fine Joinery • Bespoke Furniture and Product Design

Marble floors and gilded walls can never make a home. But every house where love abides, and friendship is a guest, Is surely home, and home sweet home, for there the heart can rest.

A HOME by Henry van Dyke